About Us – Meet Shawna

Shawna barnes, owner of s barnes designs.
Logo design for images print house done by kim hall

Shawna’s background as an artist, business owner, and a disabled Veteran makes her uniquely qualified in the digital accessibility world. She knows first hand the barriers faced and she has the creative eye to make something look aesthetically pleasing with both of these attributes coming together to create a website that works FOR you.

Shawna is the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of S. Barnes Designs, LLC. She brings with her a vast array of skillsets and experience that make S. Barnes Designs uniquely qualified to do what we do.

⇒ She was a medic in the US Army (2007-2011). In 2011 she was medically retired due to illnesses and disabilities that cropped up during her deployment to Iraq.

⇒ After her medical retirement, she was unable to perform her job as a medic so she retrained in graphic design. Due to her disabilities she had difficulty with the current US college education timeline. As a result, she tabled her pursuit of a college degree and began immersing herself in clay and sculpting.

⇒ She discovered a natural skill for sculpting animals. She has sold her sculptures, won awards, and has several in national traveling shows. To share her “art as therapy” journey she began designing websites in 2015-2016.

⇒ Through her creative pursuits, many opportunties to teach and mentor others have presented themselves. She has taught art as therapy classes to wounded Veterans and their families at the Travis Mills Foundation. She has led professional development workshops on the topic of arts accessibility through her membership in Maine Arts Leadership Initiative. She has also provided in person and distance (virtual) graphic design internships.

⇒ In 2020, she bought an independent print shop she had been hired as a graphic designer at in 2019. It was rebranded under Images Print House. However, due to her health and lingering effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic, she had to close it in December 2021.

⇒ In 2022, she and her husband moved across country from Maine to Wisconsin.

⇒ In January 2023, S. Barnes Designs, LLC was launched and is what you know today.

In addition to all of the above, Shawna is

     ⇒ an ambassador for the Travis Mills Foundation

    ⇒ an ambassador for Trend Communities

    ⇒ a writer for Myasthenia Gravis News

    ⇒ passionate about accessibility in all its forms

    ⇒ a nerd at heart and loves the left and rain brain challenges being website designer that specializes in digital accessibility, provides

Shawna’s Certifications

⇒  Designing for Accessibility for UX Designers (WCAG 2.2) by Liz Brown (2023)

⇒  Section 508 Standards for Web by the US Department of Homeland Security (2023)

⇒  SEO Standards by HubSpot Academy (2023)

⇒  Data Privacy Certified Agency Partner by Termageddon (2023)

⇒  Arts in Health for Helping Professionals by Arts in Health Institute (2019)

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