Frequently asked questions

for S. Barnes Designs

What is a care (maintenance) plan for websites?

A maintenance plan for websites is one where your website designer, developer or beloved “web guy/gal” ensures your website is operating as it should. It usually includes plugin and security updates, checking spam messages and cleaning it out, and optimizing your site. Your website should work FOR you after all, not against you. For more information on our maintenance/care plans, please see the maintenance/care plan page under services.

Why do you have so many different options for website builds and care plans?

We support small to medium size businesses with their website needs. These businesses are at different stages and require different things. 

If your business is growing too fast and you are unable to meet the demand of having an influx of new clients, then we are not going to recommend an SEO add on to your care plan. 

If your business is in need of a refresh with the goal of increasing leads, we will recommend our middle level care plan so you can budget a monthly investment rather than a large upfront expense.

We are in the business of supporting businesses. We want to see you grow and succeed. So we have options to meet and fulfill those needs.

What are the “required” legal pages I should have on my website?

This is variable depending on your industry and the information you collect.

We generally recommend that you cover your bases with a privacy policy, terms of service, cookie policy, and a disclaimer. It is also recommended that you have an accessibility statement. We partner with a company that keeps all of our (and our clients’) policies up to date in real time as privacy laws change. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, best SEO practices help your website get found when people search on the internet for things. For information on SEO, please read our post about it in the resource center, “What is SEO”.

What is the difference between a website designer and a developer?

A website designer is one that designs websites. The focus tends to primarily be on the aesthetics of the site. A developer is one that also designs websites, however their focus tends to be on the functionality and the code of the site. 

What are we? We’re a little of both. Shawna’s background as an artist and graphic designer means she looks at the site with a discerning eye to make sure the user experience is positive. She also knows a small amount of code and is working diligently to beef up these skills so we can offer the best experience for our clients.

What is digitial accessibility? Do I need to worry about it for my website?

The answer the second question is yes, you should. Why? Because if your site is not accessible to the 25% of people in the US alone that have reported disabilities, you are losing out on a huge revenue stream and alienating an entire demographic.

What is digital accessibility? It is making sure your site is accessible to those folks with disabilities. This can be accomplished through simple design decisions. We focus our builds on accessibility since our owner, Shawna, is a disabled Veteran. We believe every site should be accessible. You can read more about digital accessibility in our post under Resource Center.

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