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Text overlay of blog topic that says "why accessibility plugins are a sham".

Why accessibility plugins are a SHAM.

    One of the “big names” in digital accessibility that you have probably heard of is Accessibe. There has been ongoing back and forth between actual digital accessibility specialists, accessibility advocates, [...]
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    Blog Featured Image with text overlay of topic title. Topic - What is alt text?

    What is alt text?

      What is alt text? Alt tag? Alternate text? They all mean the same thing and mean the same thing - the information used to describe an image on a website.
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      Blog Featured Image. Topic - What is SEO?

      What is SEO?

        What is SEO? It is a lot of different things, some that are visible and some that are behind the scenes. Find out what it is and why you should [...]
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        What Are Managed Services?

          “Managed Services” is probably a term you hear on a regular basis if you have a “web guy/gal”. But do you know what they are and why they’re beneficial to [...]
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