How to use Canva to optimize images for your website

July 18, 2023

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A video tutorial (under 10 minute) on how to use Canva to resize and optimize images for use on a website.

Let’s say you have a website, and you want to add pictures. So you take the time to stage amazing photos, use your highspeed phone that takes great quality pictures, and then you upload them to your site. Easy-peasy, right? Until you website manager tells you to redo it because you need to “optimize images for your website”.

What the hell does that even mean?! It might be easy if you’re just thinking about the first steps. But after your photo is taken, there are still some things that shoud be done to enhance the user experience of your site and their ability to enjoy the pictures you took the time to create. There are also post production things that need to be considered.

Things like image size, image quality, alt text, caption or description, etc. In the video here (just shy of 10 minutes), I walk you through using Canva to resize and optimize your images for your website.

So now would probably be a good time to tell ya that I’ve launched a YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe to it to be notified when new material is added. Most of the content will be focused around quick tutorials for website design and web accessibility, all less than 10 minutes.

Written By Shawna Barnes

Shawna is the graphic and website designer at S. Barnes Designs. She studied graphic design after her medical retirement from the Army in 2011 and has been designing websites since 2016. She lives in northwestern Wisconsin with her husband, two dogs, and a cat.

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