At S. Barnes Designs, we pride ourselves in being a one stop shop for your website needs with a focus on the four services listed below.

From securing and/or maintaining your domain to managing the backend with regular plugin and content updates; our team is ready to ensure your site is an asset to your business.

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Website Build / Re-Design

In the age of technology where everyone and their dog (it seems) has a blog or a website, it truly is an investment in your future and your success.

Having owned a brick and mortar business, been responsible for employees, and as a person with disabilities, I know first hand just how important it is for the little things to work efficiently.

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accessibility services

Digital accessibility is all the rage right now. And for good reason. In 2022 there were more than 4,000 federal discrimination filings against websites. 

If you’re not an experienced website designer or developer, it can difficult to understand what on your site needs to change to make it accessible to the 25% of Americans with identified disabilities. Can your site be accessed by screen reader technology? Will your intro flashy video trigger a seizure? Let us worry about all the tech aspects so you can focus on running your business.

Your website is not one of the little things in our eyes. We are  invested in your success as a fellow small business owner. Your wins are our wins; your losses are our losses.

hosting & maintenance

As a small business ower, you likely wear an assortment of hats.

Marketer – Advertiser – Boss – Bookkeeper – Social Media Manager – Sales Rep

Let us take “website developer” and “information technology specialist” off your plate.

Our H&M plans include weekly plugin updates, regular backups, and any accessibility updates.

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We believe that you should have amazing service at a price that allows for continued growth and success for us both.

seo managed services

Search Engine Optimization. Sounds like a bunch of fancy shmancy something, doesn’t it? It’s a buzz phrase EVERYONE is talking about, but a lot of folks just don’t have the time – or the budget – to implement huge “SEO Campaigns”. 

That’s where our managed services come into play. SEO is a marathon and we help you maintain a steady pace that will get you to your desired final destination.

Add-On Services

M365 – Full Suite


12 month minimum commitment

M365 – Mailbox Only


12 month minimum commitment

Monthly Backups Only


Weekly Backups Only


Domain Registration Only


Hosting Only


12 month minimum commitment

Site Migration, No Email


*starts at

Site Migration with Email


*starts at

Accessibility Review


Accessibility, Quick Review


Accessibility, Updates


If you have questions concerning services provided please contact Shawna at

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