Hosting & Maintenance

If you’re like us, you want to know what to expect; not just with the services provided but the investment the maintenance of those services require. Because let’s be real, maintaining a website IS an investment for your business.

It’s the insurance policy you never knew you needed until you have an “OH SH*T” moment and wished you had a team like us in your corner.

One of the things that allows Daniel and Shawna to work so well together is they understand the necessity of backups and redundancies thanks to their days in the Army. Something unique about their standard hosting and maintenance protocols is that your site gets backed up on a regular basis in not one place, not two places, but three (3). Yes… THREE.

1. The server your website is hosted on has an automatic backup programmed into it.

2. Depending on which maintenance plan you choose, your site gets backed up into a “cloud” folder weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  

3. When Shawna goes in to do the plugin updates or little tweaks to your page she backs your site up to a hard drive at her location.

We know and understand the importance of ensuring that your website continues to run regardless of “technical difficulties” or natural disasters in different parts in the country. When you bring us on as part of your team, this is the kind of support and attention that you get.


This is our basic tier and is a simple, economical way to ensure that your site is current with basic SEO practices implemented.

It includes:

  • – hosting
  • – monthly backups
  • – weekly plugin and backend maintenance
  • – up to 30 minutes of content updates every month

Starts at $70/mo, billed monthly*

Business Class

This is our most popular tier.

It includes:

  • – hosting
  • – monthly backups
  • – weekly plugin and backend maintenance
  • – up to 3 hours of content updates and 1 hour of maintaining digital accessibility compliance every month

Starts at $160/mo, billed monthly*

Caricature of shawna with brown curly hair pulled back in a green bandana, red glasses, wearing a gray shirt and drinking from a coffee cup with the sbd logo on it.

First Class

This is our most hands on tier for a site that you need help with regular updates on.

It includes:

  • – hosting
  • – weekly backups
  • – weekly plugin and backend maintenance
  • – up to 5 hours of content updates and 1 hour of maintaining digital accessibility compliance every month
  • – annual site “spiff up” (TBD)

1 hour a week will be set aside/blocked off where Shawna will be available for you to ask questions, discuss ideas, train on how to do some of the updates yourself, etc.

This tier is hands on and provides you the most access to Shawna and her team.

Starts at $250/mo, billed monthly*

Basic content updates includes things like employee changes/updates on the about us page, contact information, events added to a calendar, a special or promotion you are honoring in the upcoming month.

A date will be decided when we begin working together. This date will be the deadline for when any/all content additions/revisions are due in order to have them available when your site is scheduled to be updated.

The prices listed are our base prices for each tier and may increase depending on your needs.

Our hosting and maintenance plans are strictly for those whose websites we also host. If you are looking for a maintenance/update only plan, please fill out the form under WORK WITH US (opens in new window) so we can send you over an a la carte proposal with your desired services. It WILL be a larger investment since you will be asking us to work with a host we are unfamiliar with.

Having a working relationship of 5+ years with our current hosting provider allows us to streamline processes and effectively troubleshoot when problems arise.

All hosting and maintenance (H&M) plans include a monthly report that summarizes the work done to your site.

*All hosting and maintenance plans require a 12 month commitment 

We believe that you should have amazing service at a price that allows for continued growth and success for us both.

From Start to Finish

– Fill out the preliminary questionnaire over at “WORK WITH US” (opens in new window)

– Shawna will get back to you as quickly as she is able to. Our email response time is usually within 1-2 business days.

– If selected, we will have a complimentary 15 minute Zoom or phone call where your questions will be answered and more information gathered before a quote is sent to you.

– If both parties determine that S. Barnes Designs is a good fit for your website hosting and maintenance needs, a proposal with quote is sent to you.

– Once the quote is confirmed, you will receive an invoice and a contract (we invoice through Quickbooks).

– When both the contract has been signed and we receive your initial payment, work on your project will begin.

– Our hosting and maintenance plan requires a 12 month commitment.

– A timeline based on our availalbity and project load and your requirements will be established.

– You will receive emails with an invitation to join us on Click Up, our project management tool. It is free and allows for complete transparency and an easy way for you to see the progress made on your site.

– You will receive training on how to use Click Up if you are unfamiliar with the application. You will be using Click Up to submit content update/revision requests.

– We will provide accurate and timely updates for the status of your site maintenance. Any delays will be explained as soon as it is evident that there may be one.

–  At the beginning of every month, you will receive a status report on everything we did for your site the month prior. You can opt out of this report if you choose.

– If you wish to assist with the maintenance of your site, training will be provided*

* If you decide to maintain or add anything else to your site, we are not responsible for any accessibility noncompliance, performance, or down time as a result. 

Caricature of young female with brown curly wear in a teal long sleeved shirt and purple beanie style hat.
original art by Kim Hall,
in collaboration with Shawna Barnes

Let’s do this!

Head over and fill out the preliminary questionnaire!

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