Website (re)Design Services

Helping you get what you need without all the extra fluff.

What you get

Designed to meet your needs

Every business' needs are different. I understand the boot strapping that comes with being a small business. I help you pick the type of build that works for where you are NOW. Then we'll figure out a growth plan to help you invest in updates, upgrades, and improvements.

Barrier Free Design

There are more than 1 billion people globally that hold nearly 6 trillion dollars of spending power. By incorporating accessible design best practices in your website build, you automatically elevate your site to the top 5% of the websites in the world.

Hosting & Security

Hosting and backend security is included as part of our website build service. Security features include regular backups, malware and email spam monitoring, and updates to prevent vulnerabilties.

Responsive Design

More than 50% of all users access the internet with their mobile device. By the time i'm done with it, your site will look as good on your phone as it does on your PC.

SEO Basics

Every website gets the basic SEO best practices applied through the build process.

Image Optimization

The images you provide get optimized for size as well as incorporating appropriate meta data and copyright information.

(re)Build Options

All the basic builds are custom template sites.
What's a template site? It's not what you think. It simply means I start with a predefined outline of what your site is going to look like based on years of experience and research for the most common elements my clients' sites have used and found beneficial.
Need something more than what is shown in the examples below? Head on over to the "contact us" page and schedule a design chat so we can chat about your needs and I can create a custom solution for you.

Choose the option that works for YOU, your business, and what you actually NEED. Not sure? Schedule a free 20 minute design chat so I can help you figure it out.

Economy Class

All the basics for getting your business website on the interwebs
  • Four (4) basic pages - home page, contact us, blog/resource center, and a FAQ/About page.
  • Monthly maintenance/care reports
  • 5 GB of server space (including email)
  • Up to 3 hosted email addresses (if I host your website)
  • Monthly backups
  • 30 minutes of support or content updates/mo
  • Dynamic privacy policies
  • Legal pages included
  • Ecommerce Options
Infographic of website outline for economy class build level.

a $1,500 value for $1,440 investment

Business Class

Everything in Economy Class PLUS
  • Up to five (5) additional pages
  • Weekly backups
  • 90 minutes of support or content updates/mo
  • 30 min/mo of accessibility related updates
  • Dynamic privacy policies
  • Legal pages included
  • Basic Ecommerce options
Infographic of website outline for business class build level.

a $3,240 value for $2,640 investment

First Class

Everything in Business Class PLUS
  • Up to six (6) additional pages
  • Daily backups
  • 3 hrs of support or content updates/mo
  • 1 hr/mo of accessibility related content updates
  • Ecommerce (small store) support and integration setup
  • Help with establishing or setting up one social media or search platform for your business (like YouTube or Pinterest)
Infographic of website outline for first class build level.

a $5,635 value for $4,320 investment

The Process - Part 1

It's simple really.
It starts off with you (yes, you) doing your due diligence and looking all over the interwebs trying your damndest to find a website designer/developer that you think will do a good job with what you want. We're a dime a dozen, admittedly.

When looking for a web guy/gal, these are the questions I tell my clients to ask themselves, and hopefully S. Barnes Designs checks off every one.

Why is this so important? Because IDEALLY, whoever you hire becomes part of your team. A website is an investment. So is the relationship you build with your web person. It shouldn't be a one night stand; but a long term relationship.

  • Does the designer/developer fit the budget/investment you are able to commit to?
  • Are there case studies or a portfolio that demonstrates their capabilities?
  • Do you like their style?
  • Do they specialize or have a preferred industry they work with? If yes, does your business match their area of expertise?
  • Do they communicate in your preferred method (email, text, Slack, Zoom, phone, etc)?
  • Are they transparent about what to expect (fees, timelines, client involvement, etc)?
Once you answer all those questions, and you're still thinking me and my lil team are for you, then keep on reading and find out what the process for a new website build looks like with S. Barnes Designs, LLC.

The Process - Part 2

Step 1

Look all around on this site and make sure you like what you see. Answer all the questions above honestly. And if S. Barnes Designs jives with your vibe, keep reading.

Step 2

You fill out the questionnaire on the "Work With SBD" page.

Step 3

You'll hear back from me (Shawna) with an email to either send you a proposal or to get more information to create a  proposal based on your needs.

Step 4

After you approve the proposal, you will receive an invoice that acts as an initial deposit to get you put on the calendar and a contract. READ THE FINE PRINT. I believe in full transparency and want this to be a great experience for us both.

Once the contract has been signed and initial deposit paid; you get put on the design calendar.

Step 5

You've finally reached the onboarding process! I use an automated email series to welcome my clients to S. Barnes Designs. It includes daily emails for the first week that walks you through the client portal and has various forms to gather information.

If you use Gmail as your email provider, you'll need to add & to your address book and mark my emails to you as NOT spam. 

Step 6

When the date of your (re)build begins, you should have all the content requested completed and entered in the appropriate areas - OneDrive or the forms sent via email. Having this content complete will help make your (re)build a less stressful experience for us both. Be prepared to check email frequently if I send a note through the client portal that your approval/input is needed before moving forward.

Step 7

I will provide training to you (or whomever you want me to) on adding content, like blog posts or products, to your site. All my clients receive access to their website - it is yours, I'm just a part of your team at this point. You can have as much or as little access to the "backend" as you want.

Step 8

IT'S ALIVE! Your site is getting searched and crawled and pinged by the bots of the interwebs.

Step 9

Once your site is complete, you will begin receiving monthly reports on the status of your website. This report includes all the backend security updates, plugins, etc. You'll also be able to see the content or update work done in your client portal under "Time Worked".

Step 10

Your website has been published and complete for some time now. You've gotten to experience what it's like to have me as your web gal, taking care of the stuff you didn't know you should be taking care of. You'll get an email about 11 months after the date you became a client of S. Barnes Designs explaining the option to switch over to the hosting and maintenance plan. 

Frequently asked questions

Woman with short curly hair and red glasses, working at a computer on a messy desk.
Shawna’s background as an artist, business owner, and a disabled Veteran makes her uniquely qualified in the website digital accessibility world.

She knows first hand the barriers faced and has the creative eye to make something look aesthetically pleasing with both of these attributes coming together to create a website that works FOR you.

I highly recommend Shawna. She's phenomenal, budget friendly, technically sound, easy to work with, has a phenomenal AI system that is organized and well planned out. I'm thrilled to have her on my side!
CJ Ives Lopez
Author, CJ Ives Lopez & Auntie Nann
S. Barnes Designs, LLC is registered as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) through the Small Business Administration (SBA).
(Cage Code 9MAX2, NAICS 541512)

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