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“The Nook Cable”

is Cable, Wisconsin’s  new business center and co-working space.

The Business Center will have:

⇒  Monthly memberships (starting at $25/mo) that grant you access to a menagerie of equipment, specific number and types of prints included, and discounts for classes

*  Art printer (that can print on heavy paper like handmade paper, watercolor paper, etc)

*  Sublimation printer for all the crafters in the community

*  Rollo shipping label printer

*  Color inkjet printer

*  Black and white laser printer

*  Large format scanning (have artwork, blueprints, or any large and delicate items that need scanning?)

* Regular scanning

*  Fax services

*  Book binding equipment (make your own notebooks)

*  Notepad equipment/supplies (make your own notepads – the ones that are glued at the top)

*  Grommet pliers and grommets (for signs, banners, journals, etc)

*  Heavy duty paper cutters

*  Laminator

*  Corner rounder (to make those rounded corners on business cards, cards, etc)

*  Card folding tools

*  Paper punches

*  Professional grade staplers

and more, but you get the idea.

The Co-Working space will have:

⇒  4 individual desks available for long term rental (allows for personalization of the space and access to the kitchen)

⇒ 4  flex desks (also called “hot desks”) available for use by the hour/day

⇒  Alternative seating options (hammock chair, floor pillows, etc)

⇒  Access to all equipment and tools in the business center


November 2023


43425 Kavanaugh Rd, Cable, WI 54821

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Have I mentioned that we’ll be offering free Wi-Fi for the community?


Meeting space removed, space completely rearranged to allow for alternate seating, more privacy if desired by members, and better workflow in the business center.

Interior design diagram

This was the initial interior layout I (Shawna) envisioned. But, as we know, plans change…

Interior design diagram.

Help us bootstrap this project! We’re opening this center to fill a gap within our local community and we want YOU to be a part of it. We are partnering with several small businesses in the area to make this dream a reality. By supporting the startup of The Nook, you’re also helping us support them!

Why are we bootstrapping? Several reasons.

1. We don’t want to take out a loan (to be completely honest and transparent).

2. We want YOU to have the opportunity to feel a part of making this vision come to life. This is for the community and we want to keep sh*t affordable. If we don’t have to take out a loan, that means no loan payment we need to come up with every month. Win-win

3. Show those big city folks that vacation up here that our sleepy little town can provide them with the modern amenities they’ve grown accustomed to and keep ‘m coming back.

On 9 Aug 2023, we had an anonymous investor come forward and help us meet our original bootstrap goal of $10,000.

So anything additional that community members, friends, or family would like to contribute will be used for specific programs/areas of operations for The Nook.

The Donate button below takes you to a page that allows you to pick which program.

Available options are:

–  sponsor a basic membership for the business center ($25/mo)

–  help keep the coffee and snack bar stocked (a perk available for our members)

–  help keep our specialty paper for our artists stocked (this includes things like watercolor paper, handmade paper, etc)

–  help keep basic office supplies in stock (the mundane stuff you don’t think about, paperclips, staples, tape, white board markers, pens, etc)

–  outdoor beautifucation which will be used at The Big Brook Greenhouse right here in Cable we we work together to create a deer resistant plan

–  and a “whatever you need” program. This will most likely be used for internet services since we will be providing free wi-fi for the community.

Big Brook Greenhouse

Trisha is helping Shawna develop a deer resistant landscape plan to make the yard relaxing and an inviting place to cop a squat and do some work outside. Or be a fun backdrop for some photos.

The Sweet Exchange

Amy is helping Shawna connect with several of her vendors. One connection we’re wicked excited about allows us the opportunity to offer custom coffee mugs for our co-working members so y’all can enjoy endless coffee in your very own numbered “Nookie” mug. 

The Cable Cafe

Jamie is going to be baking up some of her delicious treats that will be available for our business center and co-working members at no extra fee, it’s included in the price of the membership.

Country Strength

Justin will be teaching classes on various stretches and exercises to help combat the dreaded lower back pain that comes from sitting too much in front of the computer. 

And we’re just getting started!

As our plans unfold and our doors open, we look forward to partnering with more local businesses!

Funds raised during our bootstrap campaign will be used to:

– acquire the items we know we will definitely need like some of the higher ticket items (like nice desks and comfy chairs);

–  installation of awesome hardware so we can provide that free wifi we’ve mentioned;

–  materials to improve accessibility (like adding a ramp to the main entrance);

–  initial stocking of all office supplies, paper, ink, toner, etc;

– initial stocking of the coffee station and snack bar;

– and of course, all the necessary turning on and switching of utilities, insurance, and all that fun stuff.

Interested in supporting this project, but don’t want to donate or wait until September for the business shower?  You can become a founding member and sign up for the available plans over on our signup page. This allows you to sign up NOW instead of when the doors open in November 2023.

Why sign up as a founding member before you can even use the services?

You’ll get 25% more prints included in the membership for the entire year of 2024.

And we may throw in a few free classes.

Become a Founding Member!

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